Forged Steel Flange and Fitting

YANSHAN is the Chinese leading manufacturer of metal flanges and fittings. Our significant reputation has been built upon quality ensured steel pipe flanges and fittings covering flat face flange, welding neck flange, threaded flange, blind flange, socket and nipple, etc. We are not only capable of catering to standardized production complying with national and international standards, but also nimble in terms of custom pipe fittings. These outstanding metal flanges and fittings have been amazingly applied to industries of power plant, oil, natural gas, petrochemical, chemical, shipbuilding, heat supply, papermaking and metallurgy, etc. For more details, please visit our website or contact us today! More ...

Shandong Yanshan Pipe Engineering Co., Ltd.

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    1. DIN FlangeIf you are looking for flat face flanges, blind flanges or other styles of flanges designed according to DIN standards, then this range of pipe flange is your perfect choice.
    1. ANSI FlangeThis range of pipe flange is manufactured according to ANSI standards, and we can also fabricate this pipe fitting according to your specifications.
    1. UNI FlangeEngineered in strict conformation with UNI standards, the pipe flange offers a reliable solution to connect or close your piping system, and it is available in a great variety of sizes.
    1. EN1092-1 FlangeThese well-proven EN1092-1 standard pipe flanges are highly recognized for their high performance and reliability.
    1. Socket and NippleAs a pipe fitting specialist in China, we provide socket and nipple products in various sizes and material grades. Contact us now for custom made products fabricated to your specifications.
    1. TeeOur range of pipe tee is available in variety of sizes, materials and finishes. Speak to one of our Pipe Fitting Experts now about your requirements and we will design a product to meet your needs.